"Ma maman, Lucille" albâtre 2010 (collection)
Ideals and Passions (collection)
EMERGENCE alabaster on granit 31x42cm
Italian alabaster (collection)
Alabaster  Bronze
Es war einmal ... Alabaster & Bronze 31 cm collection
alabaster 2009 collection

When I was introduced to direct stone carving in 1990, I felt excitement and an immediate affinity with this ancient material. To feel the volume of a stone, to visualize what it can become, to infuse it with your own vision, presents a new and wonderful challenge every time, be it in soapstone (steatite), alabaster, marble or limestone.

Since each stone is unique as to size, shape, composition, colour and veining, a sculptor must establish a dialogue with it, one must respect and work with the nature of the material, in order to bring it to life and give it a new meaning.

EVOLUTION alabaster 19 in. collection
LES UNES ET LES AUTRES albâtre 43 cm $ 1500.
À L'AVENTURE alabaster 8 in.
Mes premiers pas bronze 14 cm
sculpture Colorada alabaster
ENSEMBLE Colorado alabaster 11 in.
alabaster (collection)
DOUCE FIERTÉ steatite from India 70 cm
"Le rhythme de la vie " alabaster
alabaster sculpture
TENDRESSE albâtre 74 cm (collection)
DOUCE HARMONIE alabaster, 19 inches (collection)

Sometimes when people see me at work, covered in dust, wearing gloves, goggles and dustmask, they ask why I would want to do this type of work.

But the answer is easy. Each stone has its own innate qualities that provide the stimulus for a potential sculpture.

What a privilege and delight to bring about the metamorphosis !

sculpture albâtre
RÉFLEXION albâtre 20 pouces
LIENS marbre collection
INTERLUDE alabaster 46 cm collection (available in cast hydrostone numbered limited edition)
LES AVOCATS African Wonderstone collection privée